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My Social Media/ Marketing Class @SNHU got me to write my FIRST BLOG :) and YOU can enjoy it too!

This past August, I went back to school; knowing the results I wanted, I dove headfirst while applying to multiple marketing positions. I landed not just one but two jobs alongside my already established call center I have been running for the last few years. Ones to wonder how a mom, wife, and business owner can juggle all of this, and I unfortienty couldn't tell you. I know what I want, and I'm going for it. I set up this blog site six months ago, but it was on the back burner until today, when blogging was the assignment.

Now for the assignment :) Bare with answering questions, so it won't flow as nicely as a good blog should.

In an era where digital/social media consumes the daily lives of everyone, I see myself pursuing email, Facebook, and TikTok. I check my email every day, multiple times a day, for work and personal reasons. Sometimes every five minutes, if I am waiting for something. This is sometimes why I prefer text/phone calls over email. I, for sure, can say that I frequent Facebook multiple times a day, as it's a place where I can see what my 'friends' are doing alongside celebs and influencers. And TikTok to escape and procrastinate my reality. Here I can follow like-minded individuals or have the same interest as I and watch them live their day-to-day lives as if they are making this particular TikTok just for me. I also tend to check my LinkedIn and banking institutes, but not to the extent that I do the others; each site has a different purpose. Although these are just a few of the digital media platforms/apps that I use, many more are available by clicking on a newly downloaded app or in your search bar.

While the internet and platforms were all created quickly as the consumer's ever-changing needs have changed, I believe that each of these websites and apps was made with the right intentions of helping people connect and stay in contact or making things more accessible. I consider all of these things positive; I believe that news, tabloids, and other media need to stop posting and controlling narratives in the way they do. But that this is the world we live in and probably the only negative about this new digital age we are living in this new digital age where we are just a click away from a new exercise bike, to seeing what our elementary school friend is doing to obtaining the background check on someone. We have created a more lucrative way of having human-to-human contact where we are now looking for instant gratification. Again, there is the negative with all things positive, as we humans need to figure out how to balance it all.

Are my needs satisfied using one type of digital media over another? Are a woman's needs ever fully satisfied? Lol Truth occupies the quiet moments, supports my need to investigate, and feeds my curiosity as a human. It lets me stay in touch with those I fancy, enabling me to ignore those I don't. My need to have everything at my fingertips is the most satisfying thing.

I have multiple emails, depending on what it is, who it is depending on which email they get. I am constantly spammed, and the ones that catch my eyes the most are the ones that offer me deals with brands that I shop at or do some business with. The ones that show me something without expecting anything from me. Every company, brand, or app I have a relationship with sends me emails to keep me updated on promotions, discounts, or even just a reminder that they still exist.

Digital Marketing had drastically changed since I made my first AOL IM user name to my very own email address or even when I started my first Facebook back in 2003. Emails marketing, PPC, GoogleAds, Paid ads, so many different terms to get companies or individuals brands out there. It has transformed the way companies and consumers do business now. It is no longer about the product but how a person can relate to the posted media and the company's reputation. The algorithms used are scary accurate to the point. Sometimes I don't particularly appreciate understanding the analytics but am fascinated all simultaneously. At a click of a button, companies can disperse their new idea/product and have it reach millions of people within minutes.

Are my needs satisfied using one type of digital media over another? Are a woman's needs ever fully satisfied? Lol -the truth is that it helps my needs. It lets me stay in touch with those I fancy, enabling me to ignore those I don't. My need to have everything at my fingertips is the most satisfying thing.

Do I receive emails? My emails are full of random companies' campaigns to get their latest and greatest ideas or products in my face! Many people are the same way; they stay Subscribed to a particular company or brand's emails while unsubscribing to the rest. Or they keep them in their email and have 34,567 unread emails on any given day. I check my email multiple times an hour for personal and work-related emails. I do not have a particular type I look for; if I see one in my private and click, it's because the subject line is helping me save money on a materialistic item.

Digital Marketing today is much different than when I made my first AOL IM username, to my first personal email, or when I signed up for Facebook back in 2003. It has transformed the way the world runs. It makes human-to-human contact easier, buying or selling more accessible, and everything else. We are digital marketers here to help the companies we work for the project and catch the eyes of all consumers in seconds instead of the word of mouth building that brand awareness. Big brother, through algorithms, has scared yet impressed consumers throughout the years, and they keep getting better and better, and it's our jobs to figure out how to bring out clients' information, product, and brand to their phones, computers, and smart TVs.

Heres me, Jessica - a mom, wife, and professional. This was a lot of fun! I will continue to do this as I had planned six months ago. Here's to completing my second assignment in this class and to many more blogs about life, motherhood, being a wife, and everything else in between! STAY TUNED! mayb i will get a book signing or better yet someone will see how funny I am and ask me to join their comedy tour!

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