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It's me, the Unseased ME- the mom, the wife, the employee! 


I needed a place to be safe- from the judgment, from the fears of how my words may come off.

A place to use as an outlet to share thoughts and feelings.

Somewhere out there on the world wide web, someone else may be able to relate and use what I've gone through as a glimpse of hope, a laugh, or even a good recipe!  


So come along for the ride, the tears, and the laughs with me!  Read my story and come along with me for this thing called life, lots of heartache, happiness, and love.


Let's become friends along the way!  Here, it may make you think, or it may make you slap your head in absolute disbelief- but either way, these are my thoughts and feelings- and I don't plan on being anyone else but the Unseasoned ME!  


*** Disclaimer- the opinions and statements in this blog may offend some. Some may not agree with them either! These are mine and no one else. I do not speak for anyone else, only myself.

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